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Our web tools help you manage communications & constructive public input.

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Planning of the Future

OpenPlans gets more people involved in urban planning decisions. It's the communications jet pack planners have been waiting for.

Easily Create & Edit Plans

It's super easy to create plans. Our templates & engagement tools help you focus on the message, giving you the power to broadcast & collect information.

Add Interactive Maps

Gather place-based public input with our user-friendly map interface. Use a Shareabouts map to collect feedback & ideas from of participants.

Plans Large & Larger

Use OpenPlans on your own, or upgrade to features like roundup pages, branded templates, custom integrations, user management… Work with us to accelerate development of new features.

For Planners
OpenPlans makes it easy to create & update websites. Spend less time making web design decisions, and more time adding content and engaging people where they are.

For Communities
OpenPlans enables informed participation. It's where people can find out what's happening, give their input, and stay engaged throughout the whole project.

For Cities
OpenPlans provides a birds-eye view of all plans. Information is aggregated to give a city-wide roundup of plans by type, helping people find multiple plans to track.

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Who is OpenPlans for?

OpenPlans helps with effective communication for urban planning, transportation, and development projects, including:

  • Neighborhood Transportation Projects
  • Rezonings
  • Master Plans
  • Utility & Public Works Projects (provide updates)
  • Capital Projects by Transit Agencies
  • Regional Initiatives by MPOs, COGs, RPAs
  • Campus Development by Universities

What's the big idea?

We're changing the culture of information sharing by local gov, giving everyone actionable information about projects near them. We're making it easier for planners to share information, and easier for communities to discover information and act on it. Because our tools are online, it's easy to get started, and we keep making improvements.

We want to see a big change in communication in planning. Our goal is genuine, two-way constructive conversation between planners and the communities they serve. Getting beyond the usual suspects, we want to see greater engagement from a more diverse population. Eventually, nobody should wonder what's going on or feel like they're missing from discussions.

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Open for Good

OpenPlans is open source. We hope you'll work with us for our excellent support, reliable hosting and deep knowledge of tools for planning. But if you decide to go DIY, our code is available. Every project we do leads to improvements in the core OpenPlans software.

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Contact us any time at Your feedback & comments will help us improve the software. As we continue to make improvements, you'll see new features rolled out to your account. Please help us prioritize new features!